Compressor modelH151CC0
Motorfans: Current consumption (tot.) @50Hz1,46[A]7
Sound pressure (free field) 5 m @50Hz47,8[dBA]18
Net weight88[kg]15
Motorfans: Air Flow (tot.) @50Hz4900[m³/h]3
Sound pressure (free field) 1,8 m @50Hz56,7[dBA]16
Motorfans2×350n° × Ø11
Motorfans: Power @50Hz2×165n° × [W]5
Motorfans: Condenser capacity @60Hz2×5n° × µF10
Motorfans: Condenser capacity @50Hz2×4n° × µF9
Sound pressure (free field) 1,8 m @60Hz57,9[dBA]17
Motorfans: Current consumption (tot.) @60Hz2,20[A]8
Receiver volume3,9[l]12
Displacement @ 60 Hz8,05[m³/h]2
Motorfans: Air Flow (tot.) @60Hz5520[m³/h]4
Sound power @50Hz72,8[dBA]20
Displacement @ 50 Hz6,71[m³/h]1
Sound pressure (free field) 5 m @60Hz49,0[dBA]19
Connections: Suction16 s.[mm]13
Motorfans: Power @60Hz2×250n° × [W]6
Connections: Liquid1/2"14
Sound power @60Hz74,0[dBA]21
AUT2-H151CC - High Temperature Condensing Unit Series AUT-H11 | DORIN

FL - Refrigerant outlet
SL - Suction service valve
SV - Safety valve

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Operating Instructions Condensing Units 1LTG677-09.pdf
Declaration of Conformity Condensing Units 1LTG930_05_DC_EAU_AU_RU_WU.pdf
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