Compressor loading and unloading system?
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Understanding how to load and unload compressor systems

State of a compressor before start-up
. Before a compressor is started up, the current absorbed by the electrical motor can rise to a level of up to eight times more than the current that has been absorbed on a compressor loading and unloading system compressor loading and unloading system when working conditions are steady and constant. This is because of the high torque levels that are necessary to reduce the differential pressure that are typical of a refrigeration system.

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Why excessive current is undesirable

It is important to know that cycles where start-up pressure is high can cause damage to an electrical motor in a compressor loading and unloading system. Also, the compressor may need a lot of energy to start up.

The customized Dorin solution

Always standing on the front-line of innovative solutions and products, Dorin has come up with an unloaded start system that limits the rush of current at start- up. The compressor loading and unloading systemhas a specially-made head that facilitates a by-pass between the high and the low pressure side of a compressor when it is starting up. This way, a motor can reach standard acceleration time while the differential pressure on the compressor is kept limited.

Further information and details:

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